Big thinking. Bold ideas. No drama.


We're a different kind of agency network, built to challenge the traditional holding company labyrinth. On a mission to put the client at the center of it all. We cut the bureaucracy where great ideas go to die and focus solely on bringing innovative thinking to life. Brands in motion require a new set of problem-solvers with integrated expertise across data, policy, creative and digital. They need to work independently together, without forced swim lanes. If they can’t, what’s the point?


Welcome to PLUS.

Melissa Waggener Zorkin "We're for groundbreaking ideas set into motion across an ever-changing media ecosystem – PLUS is a unified proposition that puts you first and accelerates your brand."
Melissa Waggener Zorkin
CEO & Founder, WE Communications
Melissa Waggener Zorkin
Adrian Le Mans "We deliver technology-led experiences that cut through the 'white noise' of distraction and enable audiences to connect directly with brands in authentic and compelling ways. Immersive experiences evoking new emotions that make you think differently."
Adrian Le Mans
CEO & Co-Founder, ENVY
Paul Parkin "Your brand needs to start with a truly bold insight that puts you at the center of your customer’s journey – without it, you might get lucky, but your brand can never be essential."
Paul Parkin
Founder & Creative Director, Salt Branding
Paul Parkin
Rebecca A. Lyman "We translate the world of digital to connect people with the brands they love. We’ve got the experts in marketing technology, analytics, and machine learning that give brands a huge advantage through the channels and devices that matter most."
Rebecca A. Lyman
Co-Founder & Principal, The Garrigan Lyman Group
Rebecca A. Lyman
Fredrik Lofthagen
Fredrik Lofthagen "No organization today can afford to ignore how politics and policy issues affect its brand and ability to create value, no matter where they operate. We turn policy insight into impact to help organizations manage the policy environment while creating market opportunity."
Fredrik Lofthagen
CEO, Interel
Ray Martin "If insight is the holy grail, then great data and research is the map – we bring a global model for collecting, unlocking and translating what’s going on in the minds of consumers."
Ray Martin
CEO Data Services, YouGov
Ray Martin


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WE works with some of the most innovative companies on the planet — those focused on delivering the next big thing. For 30+ years WE has been movers and opinion shakers, experiencing firsthand how technology can enable brands in motion.
Envy is a global experiential agency with an award-winning track record for delivering creative solutions across the full range of marketing disciplines, including: Experientials, conferences, exhibitions, roadshows, branding & web development, VR and AR content, social media and campaign management.
YouGov is an international data and analytics group. Through innovative data collection methods, powerful analytics technology, delivery of syndicated data products, YouGov can tap a highly participative panel of 5 million people worldwide for global insights.
Salt is a thought-provoking branding and digital agency. Since the dot-com era, Salt has helped brands be essential to their customers and succeed in the hyper-choice economy. Salt helps both established and emerging brands focus their messages and engage their audiences.
The Garrigan Lyman Group (GLG) is a strategic digital agency, using the power of technology to move brands forward. GLG specializes in audience engagement, and digital delivery, providing innovative web and technology solutions in advertising, social, mobile, content marketing and digital retail.
Interel is an award-winning independent global public affairs consultancy. With the reach and expertise to support businesses and associations who need on-the-ground insight and strategic advice across multiple markets. All backed up by true local expertise.

How PLUS works. The details.


One approach. One vision. No turf wars.


Global expertise. No boundaries.


Walk the talk. Deliver. Every time.
Any partner can lead a project within PLUS. Your need sets the direction and lead partner. Egos are checked at the door.
You may choose one or several PLUS partners – in any combination. You set the brief and we rally the problem solvers and creative thinkers.
Every brief follows a common methodology (Insight, Context, Inspiration, Action, Impact) to accelerate smart thinking and productivity.
We apply a personalized approach to: teams, management, contracting and invoicing. We work how you want to work.

Who we're partnering with right now.

Dots and experts. We've got both.

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